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CyberSecurity Readiness

Until recently, information security was largely cast as the purview of IT professionals responsible for an organization’s infrastructure and technology framework. Yet, breaches of information security are not simply an IT issue, and while legal professionals may not always understand the machinations of IT, they do understand content, risk and the sanctity of work products.

Those responsible for legal operations are waking up to the effect information security has on their ability to achieve operational objectives and control for outcomes.

Hyperion Research is conducting an industry-wide global survey of legal professionals to learn how legal organizations handle issues related to the security of content and the level of information security preparedness. This broad-based survey will measure the profession's cybersecurity readiness and establish a Cybersecurity Readiness Score to help legal operations professionals measure their own performance against industry benchmarks.

Although the 2019 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report identified types of security measures used that vary greatly from organization to organization, Hyperion's study will provide greater insight into how operationally prepared both law firms and corporate legal departments actually are in the face of multiplying cyber threats and offer a snapshot of the legal profession’s level of concern about:

  • Breach of confidential or proprietary information and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Liability of third party data in firm’s/company’s care
  • Intellectual Property theft
  • Spread of viruses or malware
  • Corporate espionage

The survey will also identify threat actors considered the greatest risk from online scams and negligent vs. malicious insiders to a range of deliberate hacking attacks. It will also raise the issue of response processes and frequency of security queries on auditing and due diligence.

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CyberSecurity Survey


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