Is There Safety in Mobile?

The challenges of securing mobile while supporting the anytime, anywhere workforce Mobility in the workplace is no longer just a concept or a talking point. For legal professionals, the use of smartphones and tablets have become ingrained into our way of working. Whether traveling, accessing information quickly when away from the desk or just checking in on the status of matters after-hours, for many of us, the use of handheld devices for professional purposes is not simply routine but required.
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Insights Poll: When It Comes To Content Security, How Sure Is Sure?

Can confidence breed complacency? The recent news about the “Panama Papers” fiasco has many of us who work in legal concerned—again—with issues of content security. This most recent scenario, in which 11.5 million documents and 2.6 terabytes of data related to the super-secretive world of offshore banking found their way from a Panamanian law firm and into the public eye, only serves to highlight the sensitive nature of legal work – and the constant vigilance required to protect legal work product.
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