9 Essential Steps for Creating an ELM RFP

A big part of a successful ELM strategy, and implementation of the right tool, comes from the RFP process. For Legal Ops to succeed, legal's partner departments need to understand the importance of the changes underway and the practices and technologies Legal Ops is implementing – which impact not just Legal, but the entire company.
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Legal Technology for Legal Ops

The legal technology stack for an enterprise is diverse and extensive. The average law department supports 8 or more legal business applications. To address these legal-specific needs, Legal Ops is challenged with adopting a broad suite of business capabilities for delivering Enterprise Legal Management (ELM).
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ELM Adoption for Enterprise Value

The success of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) for Legal Ops lies squarely on selecting the right technology – one that’s easily adopted and cost-effective. A good ELM strategy and platform, in turn, delivers better and more productive business practices which impact the entire enterprise.
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Legal Invoicing: Why It's Different from the Rest

Not all invoicing systems are the same. Legal services are engaged and procured in ways very different from other types of goods and services; legal invoicing is no different.  Legal even has its own globally adopted EDI standard for e-invoicing.  Legal invoicing and the solutions that support it must fit a host of standards expected by the market. 
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8 Trends Driving Legal Ops Transformation

In a world where changes in legal operations are constant, the technologies that companies own need to have flexibility to evolve with and drive transformation at scale.  At the same time, Legal Ops must fulfill a basic operational need to succeed in a complex space that is characterized by continuously changing protocols, policies and regulations.
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Legal Operations: Defining the Function

The role of Legal Operations is that of trusted advisor and transformative leader within a company, one that deals with highly complex legal issues and strategy both with outside counsel and within the business.
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A Buyer's Guide for the Rest of Us

The Office of the General Counsel serves a very unique role in the Corporation, and has always been challenged by the specialized needs that define the law department’s business. Too often, the challenges of Legal Ops are also compounded by the fact that many departments outside of Legal often do not fully understand Legal’s unique needs.
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