Trade Secrets and the New Normal

Important New Guidelines for Employees and Employers Some time has now passed since the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was signed into law in May 2016. The DTSA ushered in a broad set of new protections for corporate trade secret misappropriation and – notably – new enforcement mechanisms. Though the DTSA addressed a number of important gaps in law and jurisprudence, it also introduced a number of little known and understood requirements that impose important challenges and obligations on innovation-based businesses.
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Essential Trade Secrets:  Threat and the Common Thread

Question: What do General Motors, Goodyear, Motorola, DuPont and Panera Bread all have in common? While this may sound like the setup for a terrible punch-line, the reality is far from a joking matter. Within the last 10 years, these companies, along with scores of others, have fallen victim to trade secret theft, an increasingly prevalent corporate incursion that puts core corporate assets and  billions in future revenues at risk.
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