Are Vendors Delivering on the Promise of Innovation?

While emerging and innovative approaches to application design carry the promise of not only more intuitive user experiences but also of transforming ways of working, Hyperion's benchmarking has consistently demonstrated a significant divide between the value legal operations managers place on technology as a strategic capability versus the lackluster ROI they report from their technology vendors.
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Tuning the Drive to Replace Technology

Businesses are under constant pressure to adapt to improvements in enterprise technology. Much like the average consumer who anxiously awaits the release of the next generation iPhone, businesses might be eager to integrate the latest developments into their enterprise systems. Replacement of an enterprise technology, however, requires much more planning and effort than the replacement of a smartphone. 
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Lost in the Cloud

Human trust in technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. We put our credit card numbers and personal information on the internet and depend on security encryption to keep it safe. We entrust our lives to planes that are often piloted by software. Even the possibility of self-driving cars moving throughout our cities is approaching reality; just so long, of course, as concerns about safety and reliability are fully assuaged.
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Operationalizing Resources: The New Balance

Almost a decade from the financial crisis of 2008, the so-called new economy has wrought fundamental shifts across the business spectrum, including challenging long-established norms for the legal profession.   Intense new scrutiny driven by the pressures to reduce costs has created a new normal characterized by persistent pressures on rates, billing models and fee arrangements, quality and outcomes. As the profession struggles with the challenges to their 100-years-old model, the market has also introduced a broad base of new competitive players, models and approaches to fundamentally redefine legal work.
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Insights Poll: When It Comes To Content Security, How Sure Is Sure?

Can confidence breed complacency? The recent news about the “Panama Papers” fiasco has many of us who work in legal concerned—again—with issues of content security. This most recent scenario, in which 11.5 million documents and 2.6 terabytes of data related to the super-secretive world of offshore banking found their way from a Panamanian law firm and into the public eye, only serves to highlight the sensitive nature of legal work – and the constant vigilance required to protect legal work product.
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