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9 Essential Steps for Creating an ELM RFP

A big part of a successful ELM strategy, and implementation of the right tool, comes from the RFP process. For Legal Ops to succeed, legal's partner departments need to understand the importance of the changes underway and the practices and technologies Legal Ops is implementing – which impact not just Legal, but the entire company.

It’s important for the many business and administrative teams in every company to have constructive conversations with Legal Operations to understand and support the technology needs and establish productive lines of communication and collaboration; this is essential to ensuring adoption and maximizing ROI.

Here are the key steps in evaluating and adopting the proper ELM platform for your organization:

Start with a well-defined set of user needs and requirements
  Important:  Be sure to define business processes and requirements fully, and discuss them with all stakeholders.
Identify all stakeholders taking part in the selection – within Legal and outside
Understand your organization and change management needs
Develop a thorough understanding of the solution market and options
Build a vendor checklist
Script your product demonstration needs 
  Important:  Demo scripts specific to your requirements and priorities are essential. Remember, all generic sales demos look great!
Develop a solution provider short-list
Establish a reasonable implementation plan and approach
Release RFP and request detailed, specific requirements responses 

Don’t forget!  Document your comparative solution analysis – every evaluation criteria must tie back to user needs; consult our Key Solution Components for the items you should watch for.


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