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Global Pandemic: Legal Investment Strategies

As 2021 approaches, legal organizations have begun to look beyond their day-to-day activities to prepare budgets and capital plans for a future increasingly clouded by the uncertainties of COVID-19. Hyperion's recent legal spend survey, which canvassed legal professionals and operations teams in the fall of 2020, confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have long-reaching effects on Legal.
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Just Released!  MarketView for IP Management

The highly anticipated release OF Hyperion's MarketView Report:  intellectual property management systems for corporations is finally here! NEWLY UPDATED!  Incorporating over 500 hours of industry benchmarking, primary interviews, client references and vendor briefings, the report provides an invaluable resource for Legal and IP Operations Managers to understand the leading trends in the Intellectual Property Management "IPM" market and the IPM software solutions landscape.
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Critical Business Continuity Technology for Legal

One of the more enduring affects to business from the COVID pandemic will clearly be a pronounced shift to an increasingly remote legal workforce.   Legal Ops continuity planning is materially impacted by this new paradigm, highlighting the criticality of technologies that help firms and legal teams adapt to "new normals" while also ensuring access continuity of business throughout future challenges.  
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Building Your Legal Ops Continuity Plan

Building a legal ops continuity plan involves a number of steps, starting with data gathering, as we previously discussed.   Gathering critical business information helps you establish priorities and assess impact, creating the framework for developing your continuity strategy, incident response handling, and communication planning.  In this article, we'll walk you through how to harness this information to assemble, deploy and maintain your continuity plan. We also will share a number of continuity planning resources which can assist with the planning process.
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Global Pandemic: Legal Reopening Strategies

As the world begins the process of reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of success stories, lessons learned, and best practices have begun to emerge from the legal community’s response to this crisis. Hyperion's recent "Back to Business” survey of the legal profession captured the wide variety of reopening strategies being implemented across the legal business spectrum, and confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a substantial, long-term impact on the legal workforce. 
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What is a Legal Business Continuity Plan?

Most organizations understand that having some type of an approach to deal with unforeseen obstacles is a good idea, but a surprisingly large number of businesses don’t have a continuity plan. Legal teams may view the continuity planning process as an overwhelming task, but when approached systematically, even the smallest legal team can create a solid continuity plan.   
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LegalWeek 2020 ROUNDUP

The Hyperion team just returned from Legalweek in New York. After attending numerous sessions, meeting with vendors for demonstrations and touring the exhibition halls, we wanted to call out several of the conference highlights and themes for our subscribers. The first (albeit non-legal) highlight for all attendees was the weather – while a bit rainy, the nearly 50-degree temperatures were welcomed by all of the participants. This the first nice-weather Legaltech in a number of years, and for those who have struggled with sub-zero temps and deep snow at prior conferences, eliminating weather from the equation had a positive impact on travel and participant attendance at the conference, networking receptions and gatherings.
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Hyperion Research 2020 MarketView Schedule

For the last 10 years, Hyperion Research has been the legal industry's premier source of independent market research and advisory services. We provide unparalleled insight to the leading trends in legal strategy, operations, and technology. We work with law departments, law firms and other legal service organizations to make intelligent, fact-based decisions about how to improve their operational performance. We also work with solution providers, including software vendors, professional service groups and consultants, to better understand the latest market trends and the needs of their customers.
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