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Tabitha Steager is a Senior Intelligence Analyst for Hyperion Research, the analyst-based market research and advisory unit of Hyperion Global Partners. Tabitha is responsible for developing and supervising Research Agendas, benchmarking programs, market analysis and specialized research initiatives for Hyperion’s acclaimed Market Intelligence Program. Tabitha has over 20 years of strategic marketing communications, research and analysis experience across a wide range of industries, including technology, legal, oil and gas, education, government policy, community planning, entertainment and education.

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Six Keys to a Successful Change Initiative

Change is never easy and organizational change is certainly no exception to the rule. Organizational change can cause a lot of anxiety, not least because the failure rate for such change is so high—roughly two-thirds of all organizational change initiatives fail. Yet organizational change is necessary, and inevitable, in order to stay competitive and relevant.
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Dashboards for Operational Effectiveness

If it feels like every legal technology solution on the market today includes the lure of some kind of sexy new dashboard functionality, you’d probably be right. Interactive data dashboards that promise to solve a myriad of business problems by showing you the most up-to-date, essential information for your job, all packaged up in a colorful, engaging visual display are a hot commodity; and for good reason. An information management tool that tracks, analyzes, and displays essential business intelligence such as metrics, key data points, and key performance indicators (KPIs) can have a significant impact on operational success.
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Brainstorming is Bad for Business

Ah, the fabulous corporate brainstorming session—you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the business world who hasn’t participated on a regular basis. Many people, we suspect, would bemoan their ubiquity but assume that they’re one of those “hate it but it needs to be done” parts of business. The fact is, though, that brainstorming, while a common corporate activity, is not actually the best way to foster creative thinking and new ideas; nor is it the best way to drive strategic business decisions.
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Tuning the Drive to Replace Technology

Businesses are under constant pressure to adapt to improvements in enterprise technology. Much like the average consumer who anxiously awaits the release of the next generation iPhone, businesses might be eager to integrate the latest developments into their enterprise systems. Replacement of an enterprise technology, however, requires much more planning and effort than the replacement of a smartphone. 
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Lost in the Cloud

Human trust in technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. We put our credit card numbers and personal information on the internet and depend on security encryption to keep it safe. We entrust our lives to planes that are often piloted by software. Even the possibility of self-driving cars moving throughout our cities is approaching reality; just so long, of course, as concerns about safety and reliability are fully assuaged.
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