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Julie Potts is a Senior Consultant in Hyperion's Enterprise Legal Management practice. Julie is a subject matter expert in Enterprise Legal Management (“ELM”) and the creation and deployment of collaborative case management, e-billing and legal operations solutions. Julie works with law departments and law firms to identify and manage their business needs, including optimizing business processes, mitigating cost, risk or compliance concerns, designing and implementing automated solutions, and creating metrics to support business process improvement.

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Understanding AI

For years, we have been hearing about the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology could have on the legal profession. The hype around how AI will “change the world” includes everything from promises of an AI-fueled utopia to the impending Skynet apocalypse. To say that expectations about AI are high would be an understatement and while much of the talk is around the possibilities, the reality is much less dramatic, is not always that useful or amazing, and can be extremely frustrating.
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Implementing an Effective E-Signature Program

Electronic commerce has exploded over the past decade, bringing with it a host of new laws related to business transactions using modern technology and communication. Of note are those related to the use of electronic signatures. E-Signature policies are increasingly being adopted by businesses to save significant time and money by eliminating the manual back-and-forth of routing paper documents and reducing the time needed for signature and approvals.
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