About: Christopher O'Connor

Christopher O’Connor works as a Senior Intelligence Analyst in Hyperion’s acclaimed Research division. Chris is responsible for developing and supervising Research Agendas and product development for Hyperion Research’s Intellectual Property and Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) practices. He leads the creation of the company’s renowned MarketView Reports, which offer the market’s leading solution landscape analysis, including leading trends and in-depth coverage of Advanced Solution Providers. He is also responsible for TrendView projects, benchmarking programs and specialized client research initiatives.

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Is There Safety in Mobile?

The challenges of securing mobile while supporting the anytime, anywhere workforce Mobility in the workplace is no longer just a concept or a talking point. For legal professionals, the use of smartphones and tablets have become ingrained into our way of working. Whether traveling, accessing information quickly when away from the desk or just checking in on the status of matters after-hours, for many of us, the use of handheld devices for professional purposes is not simply routine but required.
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Operational Opportunities of Reporting

Legal Sees Potential in Data—Yet Some Remain Unsure What That Potential Is   A legal organization has a number of essential functions, and reporting is most assuredly one of them. In fact, the data streams and visualization methods we create to frame and understand complex legal practices and their impact represent the most tangible outputs organizations use to gauge the progress and success of operations. In essence, reporting is the lifeblood to making more informed and sound business decisions.
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