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Brendan Joiner works as an Intelligence Analyst for Hyperion Research, the analyst-based market research and advisory unit of Hyperion Global Partners. Brendan works closely with Hyperion’s business solutions teams and consultants to define, develop and deploy Hyperion's market-leading research and benchmarking programs. A regular collaborator on Hyperion’s widely-acclaimed agenda of reports, presentations and other publications, Brendan actively contributes to project research and planning, business development, and client relations, producing a balance of leading research, benchmarking, metrics, market intelligence and decision-support solutions.

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Operationalizing Resources: The New Balance

Almost a decade from the financial crisis of 2008, the so-called new economy has wrought fundamental shifts across the business spectrum, including challenging long-established norms for the legal profession.   Intense new scrutiny driven by the pressures to reduce costs has created a new normal characterized by persistent pressures on rates, billing models and fee arrangements, quality and outcomes. As the profession struggles with the challenges to their 100-years-old model, the market has also introduced a broad base of new competitive players, models and approaches to fundamentally redefine legal work.
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Technology + Work Culture

Today’s advanced technologies are making waves as they create greater business potential for companies and their stakeholders. As they are developed and integrated into the modern workplace, they are not only impacting business in a collective sense (i.e., its ability to generate more revenue), but are also inevitably affecting business culture. We have seen how widespread consumer technologies have the potential to transform society on a number of fronts, but how do advanced business technologies affect professionals, their goals and work priorities?
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Conquering the Challenges of User Adoption

User adoption represents the most critical factor for successful technology deployment and ROI   For legal organizations in the process of implementing new technology solutions, we’re all too painfully aware of the challenges of adoption and motivating users to use new technology effectively. This challenge lies at the core of ROI.  Historically, many of these adoption obstacles have often hinged on letdowns by the systems, especially as they relate to user experience.   Users expect an experience that that jives with and complements their ingrained work routines, and often the simplest, often overlooked, factors, such as searching for their matters, can derail a new deployment.  Other difficulties with adoption have had more to do with simple human apathy, such as attorney reluctance.
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