About: Phil Neely

Phil Neely is a Managing Director of Hyperion Global Partners, and leads the firm’s Enterprise Legal Management practice. With over 30 years of legal-specific business and technology experience with Corporate Legal Departments, Phil applies his extensive working knowledge and management acumen to help clients address their most pressing strategic and operational issues. Phil has worked with the world’s leading Corporate Legal Departments to select, implement and administer solutions that drive cost savings, reduce risk, and achieve operational excellence. With a special focus on long term customer satisfaction, many of his clients have come to rely on Phil as a leading expert in Matter and Spend Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and others. He helps clients conceive, develop and execute technology improvement initiatives across a broad range of solution areas.

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When an Invoice Is No Longer Just an Invoice

For over 20 years, the Legal Consultants community (that I happen to be part of) has implemented sound e-Billing solutions to handle the demand for largely US-centric invoicing requirements with a great degree of success (mostly). We did our part to capture critical details on spending to enable corporations to satisfy the needs and wants of key decision makers who want to scrutinize expenses and trends and keep an eye on the bottom line “management” of legal expenses.
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