About: Christopher Packal

Christopher Packal is a Director of Hyperion Global Partners and leads the firm's Strategic vCIO practice. With 23 years of IT Leadership experience, including 14 years in AmLaw 100 Law Firms, Christopher brings a deep well of knowledge of Information Technology's critical role in successfully delivering legal services in today's marketplace. Christopher has honed a specific skill set to expertly bridge the gap between an organization's executive decision makers and the high-performance technical specialists within IT. With a sharp focus on operational excellence, Christopher has worked to deliver solutions in Program Management, Workflow and Automation Design, Risk Assessment, Change Management and Long-Term Roadmap Planning.

Recent Posts

Dashboarding for Value

The pressure on legal organizations for alignment with the needs of the businesses they serve fuels an appetite for data, in the form of operational metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other actionable intelligence. That, in turn, drives the quests for how best to consume that data—and is progressively more conveyed by increasingly popular dashboarding solutions.
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Are Vendors Delivering on the Promise of Innovation?

While emerging and innovative approaches to application design carry the promise of not only more intuitive user experiences but also of transforming ways of working, Hyperion's benchmarking has consistently demonstrated a significant divide between the value legal operations managers place on technology as a strategic capability versus the lackluster ROI they report from their technology vendors.
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